How to Become a Professional Gamer


Want to know how to become a Professional Gamer? While there is no education experience required, having excellent hand-eye coordination and great skills is necessary for this field. Here’s how to become a professional gamer.


Once gamers find a series of games that matches their skills, it is common for players to practice no less than six hours a day. In fact, most of the best players start online training sessions with other players on the same level. The best way to advance in your level of skills is to compete against players with a higher level. Observe their practice to learn the best strategies.

Step 2: Join a professional gaming organization

Professional gaming organization such as the National Electronic Sports League and Major League Gaming invite gamers to sign up. Once players are enrolled, they can decide on the events they compete in as well as methods. Players can create their teams or join one and enroll in leagues for tournaments that offer high-value cash prizes. Many often choose to sign up as a free agent as a way to get noticed by other teams.


Step 3: Compete in a professional tournament

The best method to earning money through professional gaming is to enter professional gaming tournaments. Championships usually offer no less than $200,000 in prize money as players for League of Legends compete in multiplayer battles for nearly $5 million in cash prizes.

While most major league gaming hosts tournaments in America, competitions can also be found in Asia and Europe. Consider trying for a corporate sponsor. The average player earns a majority of their income from them.

Step 4: Live stream

Many professional gamers use live stream platforms as an outlet to build an audience. The hours spent on streaming and fan base can also increase your income. While it does take time to construct the following base, it will certainly be worth it for the dedicated gamer.

Keep in mind that becoming a professional player isn’t just excellent playing skills but rather the variety of skills that involve strategy, hand-eye coordination, and advanced levels of expertise. The average yearly salary of a professional gamer starts at $30,000 a year.

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