6 Video Game Trends That Are Changing the Future of Gaming Industry


As Virtual Reality is this year’s focus in the gaming industry, it’s no surprise that more developers are looking for more ideas and games similar to Pokémon Go. With the significant advances since 2014, it seems like the gaming industry is only increasing with modern technology for the future.

Here are six video game trends that are changing the future of the gaming industry.

Social VR


Despite the heavy criticism against the platform’s isolation, Dave Ranyard, an independent VR developer has made it quite clear that the future of VR is going to be rather social. Think virtual reality arcades and multiplayer VR games in the future.

Augmented Reality


Since the major impact of Pokémon Go, it looks like everyone is leaving their nest in search of Pokémon. We can expect a trend of upcoming games similar to Pokémon Go.

Multi-Screen Gaming


Since the release of the Wii U, the Wii U GamePad followed with built-in touchscreens that are used to perform tasks such as unlocked doors, managing inventory, and controlling turrets. This allows gamers to perform other tasks without the need to pause the game or disrupting the vision on the main screen.

With Sony’s Cross-Play you have access to multi-screen gaming as gamers can stop playing their game on the console and resume playing on their PlayStation Vita.

Mobile TV


As more people are on the go, consoles are evolving into multimedia entertainment rather than solely on gaming. It seems that everyone is looking for more than the average game. With the overwhelming success of Pokémon Go, the mobile vs. console war is strong, despite the many failing with the app itself.

Feel Engineering

The process of feel engineering is creating the game backward from how you want to create in person towards the dynamics and mechanics of the entire game.

With all the mentioned trends in the gaming industry, the future of gaming is looking bright. Video games are headed in a high-definition direction as there is no way of telling.

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