Girl Gamers? Get Real!



When you hear the word “gamer”, you immediately think of a guy sitting in his living room with a group of friends playing the latest video games. Or perhaps sitting in front of his computer, headset with microphone perched atop his head, pounding on his keyboard and yelling at online strangers.



No one ever pictures a girl.

Even when girls SAY they are girls in world chat, no one believes them. They all think it’s a man posing as a female to get attention. They only truly believe you if you are talking over a mic on a Team Speak server or in-game voice chat. Even then, they sound surprised. Let’s face it, girls in games are almost as mythical as a unicorn prancing outside your house.



Most gaming companies are missing out on a huge market by not targeting female gamers. Games are geared towards men. Mainly the avatars. They’re either busty women with tiny waists and long, flowing locks and armor that wouldn’t even protect a fly, or they’re muscle-bound men. Manly men. These men can go one of two ways: Huge weapons, chiseled features, large chests and muscles, all bound in shiny armor, or they lack features and imagination, almost as if the gaming company would rather they focus on the female avatar. There are other aspects of gaming companies that show they gear their product towards men. Advertising and marketing. I have yet to see commercials featuring an all girl gamer group. Sure, they will throw one or two in their ad, but that’s it. One or two.1e3b765a1e1287732ffeddeb8f7055b9



In gaming, most men opt to play a female character for every obvious reason imaginable. Females tend to stick to same gender avatars, for the not-so-obvious reasons. But most female gamers will opt to play an opposite sex avatar mainly to fit in and avoid ridicule or being left out of all the good raids. Sometimes, just mentioning that they are a girl in world chat will get them black-balled out of raids and, every so often, even guilds or clans. It has gotten to the point that girl gamers are teaming up against the men. They’ll form their own groups, raids, clans and do a thorough check to make sure you’re a girl before sending out an invitation.



So here is a message to gaming companies, speaking from personal experience as a female gamer: Please, don’t leave us out. You are losing out on large quantities of cash and a huge opportunity by gearing some of these games towards women. I don’t mean the fashion games where you choose your style of dress and hair to go with your makeup. Or these great games that take absolutely no thought to play. We like strategy games, shoot ’em up, cast that epic spell to gain that epic weapon type of games almost as much as men do! And we’re usually pounding on our keyboards and yelling into our mics just as much, if not more. Give us something geared towards women. Feature women in your ads. Give us some manly male avatar eye candy. We’ll throw our money at you!





Innovative Games to be Released in 2017

The latest games coming in 2017


Even when most gaming enthusiasts are it’s trying to enjoy the best games in 2016, it becomes a bit challenging not to get excited at the gaming indulgences available in the coming year. Whether the games have just been released or are perhaps to be released, there is a broad spectrum of games out there that are worth the time and money. Below are some of the Games coming 2017, that you should consider for your unique gaming time:


The Legend of Zeldathe_legend_of_zelda_2017__wiiu_nx__by_link_leob-da154v0


When this particular version of the Legend of Zelda arrives in 2017, the game will be celebrating well over three decades of existence. The added benefit is that this game is not only available on the Nintendo Wii U, but also the trendy NX version, which is regarded as re-incarnation of the NES version that was released years ago. According to , the Breath of the wild focuses on a world beleaguered with monsters and dead creatures. The protagonist character is tasked with saving the queen’s daughter from slavery in the neighboring region.


Persona 5persona5feature-15


This game is finally available after well over a decade of preparation with it being available for both the Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 as well. The game is due for release in early February and its primarily a role playing game that involves high school students with supernatural powers in a stylized world. The game embodies a dramatic alteration in tone as compared to its predecessors. To be specific, Persona and 4 are more focused on unusual situations, and black ops ghost fighters and Japanese man on a mission to the solve a case. However, Persona 5 focuses on some intriguing cat burglars.


God of Warmaxresdefault-8


This version of the game focuses on Kratos who is the protagonist and is on a mission to conquer Norse. More so, this version is regarded as the fourth release in the series and by far the most interesting version as well. It seems like Kratos is trying to control his ever-growing rage and he acts a role model for a young boy with exceptional lightning manipulation prowess. The added benefit is that this version of the game is a more balanced in that characters get to engage in a broad spectrum of combat and quiet situations for an immersive experience.




Finally, when all points are taken into consideration, the realms of the gaming world keep on improving and games keep on being released every year. While the sequel games tend to be highly intriguing, the other version of games tends to exciting as well. For this reason, an excellent recommendation for you would be to try out the games mentioned above for your gaming needs.










Excellent Gaming Laptops for your Regime in 2016



Best gaming laptops in 2016


Every technically savvy individual out there dream of owning a personal computer that makes handling high-end games as well as software applications a breeze. Therefore, introducing some of the best gaming laptops of 2016 that come with a broad spectrum of special auxiliary features for your unique gaming needs. For instance, some of the more notable features that you are likely to come across when purchasing these particular types of laptops include SSD hard disks, ample sized screens, overheating protection, excellent processing speeds and RAM amongst many other exceptional features. According to, it’s important to note that while these types of laptop tend to be a tad bit costly than the conventional laptop available on the consumer market, they do come with exceptional features that take your computing capabilities to the next level.


ASUS K501UX 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop




Tackle your everyday computing needs with the ASUS K501 that comes with a portable and clean metallic design that is meant for optimal performance. This is because it comes with the latest Intec Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics that allows users to play games and stream HD videos as well. Besides that, this ASUS laptop comes with a special cooling mechanism that takes into the next level to ensure that the laptop provides you with the ultimate gaming experience for your unique gaming needs.


MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 15.6″ GAMING LAPTOP i7-6700HQ

Experience the next level of gaming with the MSI GE62 Apache Pro laptop that comes with a special Intel Core i7 quad-core processor that ranges in between 2.6- 3.5GHz. Besides that, it also comes with an ample sized computer ram that averages at 16GB DDR4 2133MHZ and a 1TB hard drive as well. Users will also appreciate that it comes with the latest Windows 10 operating system that is highly efficient and elevates the realms of your online gaming experience. This MSI GE62 laptop also comes with a NVIDIA GRX960M 2G GDDR5 Graphics card as well.


Lenovo Y700 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop




Take your gaming experience to the next level with the Lenovo Y700 laptop that comes with a robust Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz processor that makes handling your high-end games and applications a hiccup. More so, it also comes with a robust 12GB DDR3L SDRAM that handles even the heaviest of applications and won’t overheat as well. The inclusion of the ample sized 17.3-inch screen and the NVIDIA Geforce GRX 960M Graphics card helps you to deliver rich content and deep color as well.




All things taken into perspective, when it comes to enhancing your gaming experience of perhaps your repertoire when it comes to handling high-end computer applications, you will benefit highly by investing in some of the top rated models available on the consumer market. For this reason, an excellent place for you to start would be to invest in the Best Gaming Laptops of 2016 for the ideal value for money each time.








Have you been searching for the ideal laptop that will revolutionize your entire gaming experience and essentially take it to the next level, well we’ve got a  suggestion that would be to help you gain insight to the Best sites to find deals on gaming laptops for your unique gaming needs. To be specific, these particular websites come with special interfaces and have a strong following globally, meaning that they always have the best offers when it comes to purchasing your favorite items such as gaming laptops. The added benefit of using these types of websites is that your investment is safe each time since their policies do not allow any swindle or fraudulent activities. 



For those who are not aware, Amazon is American based company that not only specializes in the supply of consumer goods but also cloud storage for consumers and businesses as well. The company has its main base in Seattle Washington and is one of the largest online shopping websites based on their cumulative sales levels and profit returns. It’s important to note that while the company has its main roots as a book vending company, they have nowadays diversified their production regime to include CDs, Video games, equipment, contrivance amongst many other devices as well. 



Another best site for finding deals on gaming laptops is eBay, which is primarily a shopping and auctioning website, whereby people and businesses exchange a broad spectrum of items and goods globally. Aside from its auctioned based web interface, the company has most recently incorporated the But it Now functionality as well. More so, the website charges sellers for listing products and items while buyers can access and purchase the items with no additional charges. 

AFFILIATE WEBSITESfinding-the-best-gaming-laptops-under-1000

Affiliate websites is a term used to refer to websites that provide the consumer with in depth information and links to purchasing their ideal products. In most cases, the website a portion of the amount charged on the item. These types of website are an excellent place to procure your gaming laptop since they help you in making an informed decision by not only reviewing some of the top rated models available on the consumer market, but also by highlighting their benefits and drawbacks as well.  A great example of an affiliate site filled with in-depth product analysis and great buying guides is LaptopNinja. 



Bestbuy is an American Multinational consumer electronics company that has its main base in Richfield, Minnesota suburb. In the international realms, it has its base in both Mexico and Canada. Before that, it was only operational in China up until early 2011. According to , worth noting is that the company was started by Richard M. Schulze and his partner in business GARY Smoliak in 1966 as a platform for purchasing audio music. In 1983, the company diversified its product base and increased its focus to include computing devices. 




Benefits of Investing in a Gaming Laptop


Investing in Gaming Laptops


What happens when you want an excellent gaming laptop that can handle any flagship games without dragging or perhaps overheating in the long run of things? Well, you might want to invest in an excellent gaming laptop for your unique gaming regime. While these types of laptops might be costly than their conventional counterparts out there on the consumer market, they do come with high-end features that not only let you take on your gaming needs but also allows you to use your high-end software applications as well.


Are gaming laptops worth the money?


Here are some of the notable reasons why notebooks provide excellent value for your investment each time:


Excellent processing and graphicsgaming-laptop


Perhaps one of the most noteworthy benefits of purchasing a gaming laptop is that they provide excellent processing and graphics capability. Unlike the conventional computer that is designed for small-scale tasks such as browsing the web, preparing documents or watching movies, a gaming laptop tends to provide better CPU clock rates and graphics capability for your unique gaming regime. According to , while a conventional laptop may be able to run the high-end games, it does become highly susceptible to dragging and overheating, which can impact the longevity levels of your computer.


Overheating protection


Whereas the conventional laptop available out there is designed for handling small scale applications, the gaming laptops come with special overheating mechanisms that make them ideal for extended hours of playtime. In fact, one of the biggest factors that lead to the early loss of computer in functionality is the fact that most of these things lack the appropriate overheating mitigation mechanism. The additional heat that is produced during gaming should be channeled elsewhere such the core aspects of the CPU and the RAM work at optimum levels, and it also increases their overall longevity levels as well.


Superior additional features


Further lending to the excellent processing, graphics and overheating protection features of a laptop, is the fact that most of these units come with other top-notch aspects that are meant to take your gaming experience to the next level. For instance, some of the exceptional gaming models that are currently trending in the global market might come with curved screens, LED keyboards, anti-glare protection, SSD drives and outstanding CPU clock rate speeds as well. In this way, the average gamer receives a computer that comes with a consortium of excellent features for gaming.




Finally, given all these points, a gaming laptop is an excellent investment when chosen correctly. Some of these computers come with excellent design features that make your gaming experience an exciting experience each time. Therefore, these laptops can be considered to provide the ultimate value for money.




How to Become a Professional Gamer


Want to know how to become a Professional Gamer? While there is no education experience required, having excellent hand-eye coordination and great skills is necessary for this field. Here’s how to become a professional gamer.


Once gamers find a series of games that matches their skills, it is common for players to practice no less than six hours a day. In fact, most of the best players start online training sessions with other players on the same level. The best way to advance in your level of skills is to compete against players with a higher level. Observe their practice to learn the best strategies.

Step 2: Join a professional gaming organization

Professional gaming organization such as the National Electronic Sports League and Major League Gaming invite gamers to sign up. Once players are enrolled, they can decide on the events they compete in as well as methods. Players can create their teams or join one and enroll in leagues for tournaments that offer high-value cash prizes. Many often choose to sign up as a free agent as a way to get noticed by other teams.


Step 3: Compete in a professional tournament

The best method to earning money through professional gaming is to enter professional gaming tournaments. Championships usually offer no less than $200,000 in prize money as players for League of Legends compete in multiplayer battles for nearly $5 million in cash prizes.

While most major league gaming hosts tournaments in America, competitions can also be found in Asia and Europe. Consider trying for a corporate sponsor. The average player earns a majority of their income from them.

Step 4: Live stream

Many professional gamers use live stream platforms as an outlet to build an audience. The hours spent on streaming and fan base can also increase your income. While it does take time to construct the following base, it will certainly be worth it for the dedicated gamer.

Keep in mind that becoming a professional player isn’t just excellent playing skills but rather the variety of skills that involve strategy, hand-eye coordination, and advanced levels of expertise. The average yearly salary of a professional gamer starts at $30,000 a year.

Best Video Games of 2016


From high-impact action games to musical adventures, this year has been an excellent year for video games with more to release towards the end of 2016. Here are our picks for the best video games of 2016.



For: Xbox One
This supernatural adventure game is based on a group of teenagers who end up opening a dimensional tear on a remote island. Alex, the protagonist guide narrates as the teens encounter ghosts on the creepy island.



For: PlayStation 4. Xbox One
What starts out as a relaxing game based on a physics puzzle platform, spins into a darker storyline. While the puzzles grow trickier as the game levels up, you will be able to make good use of physics while trailing the wool.



For: PlayStation 4
As the latest edition of the famous fighting game, Street Fighter V provides superb graphics with interesting details. Apparently, it looks as Capcom took a new approach to developing this game as experts and newbies must learn new techniques and combos for the players.



For: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
The one-world template from Ubisoft takes a new form of dynamics as Primal takes a fresh spin to the game with survival and exploration as the main focus. To top it off, you can even ride a mammal.



For: Wii U
With a combination of Tekken and Pokémon, Pokken Tournament is another colorful, exciting fighting game with loveable characters. While it will never compete with Street Fighters, it wasn’t meant to. Rather, it’s about Pikachu against Mewtwo in the Ring.



For: PlayStation 4
As the final character of Naughty Dog’s most beloved game, the cinematic blockbuster story explains the story of Nathan Drake, who is forced to go a search for a mythical pirate city with his long-lost brother. While the plot line will leave you addicted for days, the amazing details of the surroundings and the perfectly written tale is executed right with the talented cast.

Anything we missed? Let us know which your favorite games are!

6 Video Game Trends That Are Changing the Future of Gaming Industry


As Virtual Reality is this year’s focus in the gaming industry, it’s no surprise that more developers are looking for more ideas and games similar to Pokémon Go. With the significant advances since 2014, it seems like the gaming industry is only increasing with modern technology for the future.

Here are six video game trends that are changing the future of the gaming industry.

Social VR


Despite the heavy criticism against the platform’s isolation, Dave Ranyard, an independent VR developer has made it quite clear that the future of VR is going to be rather social. Think virtual reality arcades and multiplayer VR games in the future.

Augmented Reality


Since the major impact of Pokémon Go, it looks like everyone is leaving their nest in search of Pokémon. We can expect a trend of upcoming games similar to Pokémon Go.

Multi-Screen Gaming


Since the release of the Wii U, the Wii U GamePad followed with built-in touchscreens that are used to perform tasks such as unlocked doors, managing inventory, and controlling turrets. This allows gamers to perform other tasks without the need to pause the game or disrupting the vision on the main screen.

With Sony’s Cross-Play you have access to multi-screen gaming as gamers can stop playing their game on the console and resume playing on their PlayStation Vita.

Mobile TV


As more people are on the go, consoles are evolving into multimedia entertainment rather than solely on gaming. It seems that everyone is looking for more than the average game. With the overwhelming success of Pokémon Go, the mobile vs. console war is strong, despite the many failing with the app itself.

Feel Engineering

The process of feel engineering is creating the game backward from how you want to create in person towards the dynamics and mechanics of the entire game.

With all the mentioned trends in the gaming industry, the future of gaming is looking bright. Video games are headed in a high-definition direction as there is no way of telling.